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Disclaimer: I received these products for free from Caroeas in exchange for sharing them on my blog, and social media. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. Use the code BESTCANDIS to enjoy 15% off all products on their website.

Since entering my mid-twenties, I’ve been on the hunt for affordable home décor. Caroeas, an online home décor shop, reached out to me to see if I’d like to try some of their products. They kindly sent me a Rolling Slim Laundry Basket, and an adorable set of Extra Large Laundry Bags. In addition, Caroeas was so nice to provide me a code for my readers! Use the code BESTCANDIS to enjoy 15% off all products on their website.


Rolling Slim Laundry Basket (Grey)

A few months ago, I moved to the city to live with my Grandparents. While living with them, I’ve acquired a smaller closet space. I brought with me my huge hamper, which probably takes up a quarter of the floor space in my new closet. The Rolling Slim Laundry Basket is about half the width of my previous hamper, which gives me more room to store my other belongings. Due to its size, I think it should fit in small laundry rooms, and spaces.

Although the laundry basket is smaller in size, it can still hold an average load of laundry. Honestly, my boyfriend and I agree that we haven’t seen a laundry basket as slim as this one. An extra helpful feature is the mesh cover on the top of the basket, which allows extra space for laundry. The mesh cover closes easily with a drawstring. The basket easily folds down for easy transportation and storage. It can even fit inside a medium size tote bag if needed.Caroeas

In addition, the laundry basket is very easy to assemble. It comes with 4 metal rods that simply slide into the corners of the basket. They all stay in place with Velcro flaps. When the basket folds down, each metal rod folds in half, and can be stored at the bottom of the laundry basket.

The laundry basket can be easily moved around with the wheels at the bottom – even on carpet, which is for sure super convenient. Also, it has one handle on the side to help pull or carry laundry. However, I think having two handles – one on each side – would provide easier mobility.Caroeas

The design of the laundry basket is quiet modern. I love the minimal design with the big and bold “LAUNDRY” typography on the side. Overall, the basket seems to be made of good quality fabric. It’s claimed to be waterproof and dustproof, which you can’t go wrong with.

Other hampers I’ve used in the past have been made of mesh, and other fabrics that shred or wear out quickly. Although the fabric easily crinkles and creases, I don’t think this laundry basket will wear out as quickly. Caroeas’ Rolling Slim Laundry Basket will definitely be a new part of my laundry routine.Caroeas

Extra Large Laundry Bags (Grey Boy & Blue Girl)

I’ve always thought that His ‘N Her products were super adorable. Caroeas has a set of cute Extra Large Laundry Bags that are perfect for couples or any household with both males and females. Although the pack I received included both bags, Caroeas sells each gender’s bag separately.

These bags are surprisingly quite large and can fit a full load of laundry (maybe even more). They have a drawstring to easily close the bag. In addition, the bags have 1 adjustable shoulder strap, which makes it much easier to carry laundry. The strap is thick, which I find is a lot better quality than your standard drawstring bag. For instance, the typical rope-like straps. On the other hand, I think having 2 shoulder straps (like a backpack) would make carrying laundry even easier.Caroeas

I really enjoy the illustrations of the boy and girl on the bags. They make the bags super youthful, yet appropriate for people of all ages. The playful white text on the bag reads, “WASH ME”, which also gives the design a nice touch.

The guy’s bag comes in grey, while the girl’s bag comes in turquoise (although online it’s described as blue). Both colors are appealing to the eye. However, I think it would be cool if the bags came in other colors, just to provide more options.

Even though the bags are marketed as, “laundry bags”, they are quite versatile. I can definitely see myself using the Extra Large Laundry Bag as another hamper and/or extra storage space for other clothing items.Caroeas

Final Thoughts On Caroeas Laundry Products

Overall, I’m very happy with the laundry products I received from Caroeas. I definitely recommend both products. The Rolling Slim Laundry Basket’s modern design, slim size, and portability makes it the perfect hamper for city living, and small spaces.

The Extra Large Laundry Bag’s ability to double as both a laundry organizer and bag makes it perfect for either a trip to the laundromat or household laundry room. The bag’s color and design is not only adorable, but it keeps a couple’s laundry and belongings organized, and color coded. Both products are the perfect addition to a weekly laundry routine!

If you check out Caroeas and see something you like, don’t forget to use the code BESTCANDIS to enjoy 15% off all products on their website.

Thanks for reading! See you in my next blog post!

♥ Candis

DISCLAIMER: I received these products for free from Caroeas in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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