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  • Flamingo Linen Placemats Originality Square Home Placemats Food Safe & Heat Insulation - Caroeas

    Rectangle Placemats for Table Dining Table Mats | Caroeas

    36 reviews

    This colorful patterned placemat is made of high-performance eco-friendly cotton and linen for easy cleaning and durability.The bright colors and diverse patterns on the table mats make them popular with children.Placemats are non-slip, heat resistant, avoid scratches, and protect your desktop.This placemat has a variety of themes, such as natural flamingos and rainforests, and is fashionable and can be matched with your family theme.

  • Christmas Stockings Placemats Knife Fork Holder Mat Christmas Placemats - Caroeas

    Cotton Christmas placemat Dining Table Mats | Caroeas

    This Christmas placemat is made from high-performance eco-friendly cotton linen and is durable. Easily washable.High-density weave. The Christmas placemat has the soft touch of cotton weave but also has good moisture absorption and breathability.The Christmas Stocking Placemat is non-slip and heat resistant to avoid scratches and protect your table.Christmas stocking placemats make your home warmer and make your life better. It's this that goes with your Christmas theme.

  • Printing PVC Table Mats Waterproof Tarpaulin Pad Dinner Tableware Placemat - Caroeas

    Table Mat with Tableware Pattern PVC Placemats | Caroeas

      [Water proof drain] Effective stain proof, easy to scrub.[Heat insulation and scalding] Anti-scalding effect effectively protects the desktop.[Soft texture] Soft colors, distinct layers, durable, skin-friendly materials. [Convenient storage] Easy to curl and put away when not in use.

  • Cloud Baby Placemats Food Safe Disposable Placemat Many Colors for Choose - Caroeas

    Silicone Table Placemats Kids Simple Mat | Caroeas

    This baby table plate mats is made of high performance eco-friendly silicone and can be reused for a long time. Easy to clean.The children's dining table placemats is soft to the touch and very baby friendly. Non-slip, heat resistant and protects the table.The baby hard placemats is brightly coloured and has a lovely style to enable your baby to eat better.


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