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  • Flamingo Linen Placemats Originality Square Home Placemats Food Safe & Heat Insulation - Caroeas

    Rectangle Placemats for Table Dining Table Mats | Caroeas

    36 reviews

    This colorful patterned placemat is made of high-performance eco-friendly cotton and linen for easy cleaning and durability.The bright colors and diverse patterns on the table mats make them popular with children.Placemats are non-slip, heat resistant, avoid scratches, and protect your desktop.This placemat has a variety of themes, such as natural flamingos and rainforests, and is fashionable and can be matched with your family theme.

  • Sale -15% Safe Food Storage Rack for Beverage and Food with Clear Appearance for Easy Access - Caroeas

    Set of 5 Egg Stand Plastic Storage Box Food Racks | Caroeas

    ✅A simple solution for food storage ✅Portable design ensures easy access ✅Quality durable construction can hold heavy duty easily ✅Universal size is suitable for most refrigerator ✅Maximize your fridge space ✅Size: 29.5 x 2.5 x 8.5 cm(11.6’’ x 1’’ x 3.3’’)


  • Sale -12% Wall Hooks Stainless Steel Rustic Construction with 3 Hooks and Spacious Space - Caroeas

    Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Spice Rack Kitchen Storage Shelf | Caroeas

    ✅A sturdy system to explore vertical space for effective storage ✅Hardware mounted and powerful adhesion are both available ✅Sturdy frame can hold items up to 165lbs ✅Multipurpose rack for spice bottles, small jelly jars and other items you want ✅3 hooks are offered free by Caroeas ✅Size: S: 15x40cm(6’’x15.7’’)             M: 15x50cm(6’’x19.7’’)              L: 15x60cm(6’’x23.6’’)           XL: 15x70cm(6’’x27.6’’)         XXL: 15x80cm(6’’x31.5’’)  

    $42.11 - $50.11

  • Sale -20% Flatware Storage Stackable Design with Food Grade Material for Easier and Safer Organizing - Caroeas

    Stackable Flatware Organizer Clear Plastic Drawer Organizer | Caroeas

    ✅A functional storage solution for home ✅Multiple compartments ensure easy organization ✅Food-grade material is also suitable for food storage ✅Classic design is perfect for vanity drawers ✅4 different sizes to offer the best fit for different drawers ✅Size: S: 10 x 10 x 6 cm(3.9’’ x 3.9’’ x 2.4’’)              M: 20 x 10 x 6 cm(7.9’’ x 3.9’’ x 2.4’’)              L: 30 x 10 x 6 cm(11.8’’ x 3.9’’ x 2.4’’)              XL: 30 x 20 x 6 cm(11.8’’ x 7.9’’ x 2.4’’)  

    $8.83 - $12.83

  • Sale -19% Portable Dish Drying Rack with Food-Grade Material Safe for Kids - Caroeas

    Portable Drainage mat for Kitchen Countertops Tray | Caroeas

    ✅Creative design added elegance to your kitchen ✅Universal size fits most dish drainers ✅Special designed draining tray speed draining out ✅Food-grade material is germ-proof, safe for food and kids’ items ✅Size: 44.7 x 30.9 x 3.1 cm(17.6’’ x 12.2’’ x 1.2’’) ✅Color:Blue/White/Green/Pink


  • Sale -16% Stainless Steel Spice Rack Portable yet Sturdy Design 360 Degree Rotation with 6 Glass Jars - Caroeas

    Rotating Stainless Steel Cabinet Spice Rack for Counter | Caroeas

    ✅BPA-free, food-grade glass jars for safe contain ✅Portable design with 6 clear glass jars ✅Stainless steel frame for sturdy construction ✅360 degree rotation platform ensures easy access ✅A classic design to décor your kitchen


  • Sale -14% Wall Rack with Hooks with Sturdy Frame and Powerful Adhesion for Pots and Knifes Storage - Caroeas

    Kitchen Hanging Shelf with Hooks Wall Hangers | Caroeas

    ✅A simple system for kitchen storage ✅Easy installation with sticker ✅Ergonomic design to help you get any item in few seconds ✅Powerful adhesion ensures affordable capacity ✅Maximize your kitchen space ✅Size: S: 40cm(15.7’’)              M: 50cm(19.7’’)              L: 60cm(23.6’’)

    $22.39 - $23.99

  • Last stock! Eyeglass wipes

    Eyeglass wipes

    15 in stock

    PREMIUM MATERIAL:Extremely high-quality soft microfiber cloth absorbs and removes surface dust, oil, smudges, fingerprints, and grime. Leaves no streaks, scratches, marks, or lint. Perfectly cleans all delicate surfacesWide range of applications:Multi-purpose microfiber cleaning cloth can safely wipe any delicate surface, such as glasses, mobile phone screens, LCD TV screens, tablet computers, car rearview mirrors, camera lenses, goggles, cosmetic mirrors, helmets, to meet your various needs.Machine washable and reusable:It can be washed repeatedly to ensure long term use. Won't lose any cleaning power after washing.

    15 in stock


  • Sale -18% Dimmable Candle Lamp with Wood Base for Scented Wax Melts | Caroeas

    Dimmable Candle Lamp with Wood Base for Scented Wax Melts | Caroeas

    36 reviews

    Material and SizeMetal steel shade and high quality wood base, high quality and durable. This wax melting lamp fits all sizes of candles.Safer to enjoyThe candle warming lamp uses the heat generated by the built-in bulb to heat the candle from top to bottom, making the scent more pure and safer by avoiding irritating odors.The perfect gift for candle loversThis dimmable candle warmer lamp makes scented candles smell more intense and last longer. This aromatherapy heater is the perfect gift for candle lovers.MultifunctionalThe Melting Candle Lamp is not only a candle warmer, but also a dimmable bedside sleep lamp and stylish home decor for bedrooms, living rooms and dens.


  • Sale -17% Candle Warmer Lamp with Timer Dimmable Candle Light | Caroeas

    Candle Warmer Lamp with Timer Dimmable Candle Light | Caroeas

    35 reviews

    Creative shapeDaytime can be used as home decoration ornaments, night lights can be used as a night light and melting wax lamp.Healthy and evenly scentedUsing halogen heating candles, no open flame, no black smoke, turn on the light to disperse incense, the fragrance emitted pure, no burning smell.Lampshade designHigh quality baking lacquer, with heat dissipation holes at the top cleverly designed to avoid uneven aromatization.Induction switchUsing thickened copper core, knob to adjust the heat stability is higher. Adjustable timer allows you to have a good night's sleep without having to worry about overheating your candle.Instructions for use1. when using the melting wax lamp, please do not light the candle at the same time to avoid accidents.2. After the bulb is installed, then power on and use.3. when not in use, please turn off the power in a timely manner.4. please do not use in the inclined plane.5. the lamps work at a high temperature, avoid using near flammable objects to avoid burns.6. heating 5-6 times after the essential oil will evaporate, it is recommended to pour off the surface wax liquid, the fragrance will be more intense.


  • Sale -17% 2 Pack Air Fryer Silicone Liners Round Silicon Pot | Caroeas

    2 Pack Air Fryer Silicone Liners Round Silicon Pot | Caroeas

    133 reviews

    Functional designThe patterned lines on the silicone pad of the air fryer improve the flow of heat for even cooking or heating of food. The two side handles are designed to allow easy transfer from oven to table.Durable materialMade from food-grade silicone, the thickened design is soft and flexible and will not tear.Environmentally friendlyThe Air Fryer Silicone Tray is reusable, environmentally safe and can also be used as a food tray on its own.Easy to cleanAir fryer silicone filters are non-stick and easy to clean. Simply rinse with water to clean.

    $15.72 - $19.35

  • Sale -21% Set of 3 Tapered Candle Holders Decorative for Dinning | Caroeas

    Set of 3 Tapered Candle Holders Decorative for Dinning | Caroeas

    296 reviews

    Candelabra in 3 heightsThe visual effect of the high and low candlelight gives you a wonderful feeling. Perfect for a variety of scenarios.Sturdy and stableHigh quality metal is used to create each elegant tapered candle holder. The simple matte finish is understated and premium.Easy to cleanUse a soft cloth to clean and wipe clean. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives.Multiple usesFor birthdays, candlelit dinners, decorations for restaurants, living rooms, parlours, dens and bars. Perfect for celebrations, anniversaries, creating atmosphere and housewarming gifts.SizeS: 3.15" × 9.4" × 0.9"M: 3.15" × 11.42" × 0.9"L: 3.15" × 13.28" × 0.9"Suitable for 3/4 inch candles and led tapers. Candles not included.



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