10 tips for laundry room ideas

10 tips for laundry room ideas

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You can make doing laundry more pleasant by providing a new decoration to this room.When your laundry area is appealing and organized, it makes doing laundry more enjoyable, if that is possible.

10 tips for laundry room ideas

It is one of the most used room in the home but it never gets a makeover. What room is it? The laundry room. Almost every house has a laundry room and it is usually the room that catches everything from video games that go left in to the pockets to cash including loose change. You can make doing laundry more pleasant by providing a new decoration to this room.

When your laundry area is appealing and organized, it makes doing laundry more enjoyable, if that is possible.

Here are some supportive tips to decorating and organizing the laundry room.

1.Pick a theme

This is one room that you can theme and make it look amazing. Take a little while to plan what kind of theme you want to place in this room. The theme can be your favorite NASCAR drive, theme can be of the beach, or something you like to get. You can even create the laundry room look old fashion. For example, have a very old washboard on the wall. The walls can consist of personal messages and artwork from your children. This is cheering and it will provide you inspiration while you are cleaning those set in strains that mysteriously when the children go outside.

2.Add counter space

Counter space is important for folding, placing your cavans laundry basket and other items while you work. Make a custom counter look to your laundry room by adding a counter over your side by side dryer and washer.

If you have the square footage, include an island to your laundry room to raise counter area.

3.Add Built-In Cabinetry

For a top end, custom-cabinet look to your laundry room, include kitchen cabinets around your dryer and washer. Pick inexpensive cabinets and upgrade them with bright wall colors, contrasting or wallpaper. Remove builder-grade hardware and change with custom drawer pulls. A contemporary and versatile drawer pull style is the bar, which can serve as a hanger rack or towel.

If you are on a budget, visit a restaurant supply shops used section. Shelving and stainless work tables would be a best laundry room idea and substitute to built-in cabinets.

4.Upgrade lighting

Laundry room often occupy windowless or dark areas. Best lighting is of utmost significance. Adding under-cabinet lighting or a big, overhead fixture not only brightens and enlarges the area, best lighting helps you find stains and spots on laundry items to pre-heat before washing. Better yet, include a mixture of lighting including canned ceiling lights, under cabinet lighting and pendants lighting. Charming lighting fixtures are not just practical but also include to the design of a laundry room.

5.Buy Canvas Laundry Basket

Place a canvas laundry basket with 3 layers in the laundry room. This will provide your room a simple, classic and fashionable look.

Don't be afraid to organize and decorate your laundry room. Because every item is placed in the pockets, you will need an area to store the items it is returned to its owner. Place some baskets on the shelves above the washer. You don't want to keep the laundry room cluttered so it is vital to have a location for everything.


You should collect the bad clothes. Hampers are the containers. They can take general areas like hallways, bedrooms and definitely laundry rooms. It is strongly advised picking hampers that serve or do more than a role. You need to consider about the look too so that complementary to existing decoration. Pick whether flip-top hampers, collapsible hampers, folding laundry hamper, rolling hampers, hanging hampers or others. Folding laundry hamper are quite a trend nowadays. They feature area saving with practically and efficiency.

7.Laundry room space

For little families you may just need one day but for big families you may need to wash clothes more often. You don't want to be stuck in the laundry room every day washing a high amount of clothes so to reject that you can designate laundry days. Let everyone know that in the home that you have laundry days and all laundry will require to be ready to go if it is to be washed. You don't have to go into your teens room in order to get their clothes. It should be their liability to have the clothes in a basket and ready for you to pick up. Buy some mesh laundry baskets or mesh bags to place in everyone's room for the laundry.

Place little round rugs in the floor. Area rugs are a best way to make a statement and provide relaxation while you are standing on your feet.

8.Add Custom Laundry Bags to your laundry room

Custom laundry bags can get highest exposure as there can be any person who does not use a laundry bag. Add your brand on custom laundry bags and give these away during trade shows or promotions. It is a best option to market your laundry or dry cleaning business. Custom laundry bags available in various colors and styles. Pick the one that suits your brand, laundry room decoration and make your brand brightly shine.

9.Additional tips

Mind about colors! Definitely, in little laundry rooms, it is wise picking lighter colors to make charming scheme. It is not merely to make large impression but to avoid gloomy and dark atmosphere. This is definitely an easy yet important way to beautify your laundry room. If you have a big ample area, then it is a different story. Pinterest is also a best website to get some inspirations.

One of the most successful laundry room ideas contain converting home office, hall or guest room closet into a laundry room.

Include a plenty of shelving and be alert of clearances, so doors may close when the laundry room is not in use.

Many of our laundry room ideas are simple to do. Take a look at your laundry space and view how you can upgrade yours to organize and include to your home. What are your best idea to try?


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