Jewelry Organizer for Storing Cosmetic and Brush With Multi-layer drawer

SKU CJS-1214-2-T

Acrylic quality materials

Suitable for multiple occasions

Multi-layer drawer

One line  solid bottom

Elegant and stylish design

The combined storage box takes up less space to accommodate more items, giving more space to the small dressing table.Our box is made of acrylic high-quality materials and is made of wear-resistant and anti-drop. The wrought iron frame adopts the hand-made hollow technology, which is simple and stylish.The four-layer drawer is combined with a layer of compartments to accommodate lipsticks, eye shadow trays, air cushions, brushes, concealers and other cosmetics. The drawers below can be used for jewelry and jewelry.Our Acrylic cosmetic box has an integrated, smooth line that keeps the bottom firm, welded and seamless.

-Size: 34.5*21*36.5 cm(13.4''x8.19''ⅹ14.24'')
-Color: transparent
-Weight: 3.2kg
-Material: Acrylic and Hardware

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Bought this product for my 16 year old.

My 16 year old daughter told me she'd needed a make-up organizer as a last minute Christmas gift. Arrived when promised, and I let her have it early to be sure everything arrived well.She was able to put ALL her things in it. Looks fantastic! Nothing too fancy, but being clear acrylic she can find what she needs instead of digging through drawers.Durability? Not sure yet. It arrived in perfect condition, was easy to set up. Since she's 16 I doubt it'll be treated too roughly so I suspect it will last a while.

Vanity organizer

Packaged AMAZINGLY well. Molded styrofoam and all. Absolutely perfect for holding makeup/brushes/accessories. Stacks nicely and doesn’t take up too much room. Looks fancy. The perfect bathroom/vanity organizer.

Love this product!

This product has plenty of room and I love being able to move it around to suit how I want it set up. Love the clear and it looks good on my vanity.

Fit most of my makeup, finally organized!

So I have a modest makeup collection. I don't have a ton of product, but I have all of my must-haves and powders and I needed a place to store them. This organizer fit everything except my eye shadow palettes (which I was planning on storing elsewhere anyway). My favorite part was the drawers were exchangeable, so I could switch a few of the smaller ones around with the larger ones. The acrylic feels sturdy and the drawers slide in and out with no problems. And I'm not sure what people are complaining about with it not being packaged properly because mine came safely wrapped in styrofoam. If you're having trouble getting the pieces to stack, try flipping them over! I had mine upside down for a bit before I realized my mistake. They click right together.