Wall Mounted Makeup Organizer Hole Free Easy Installation 4 Different Designs Multi Functions


Hole-free install

Sleek design, easy to mount

Durable material for consistent use

Classy design: suitable for any theme of room

Circled edge is safer for family with kids

Easy clean

 Use wall vertical space effectively.Our bathroom organizer tray has 4 different designs to meet different storage preference. You can use our design in bathroom, office or any other place you want, mounting it next to your computer at work, or even in your school locker. Our design is perfect to store your pens, business cards, chargers, coupons. All small items that take too much space on your drawer you can put them on wall mount organizer and you will save much space for some big necessary stuffs. And you’ll never lose your pens or other small stuffs again, all items will be kept in place. Durable ABS coating with strong sticker can handle daily use easily. If you live in a small room and lack of storage space, don’t worry, choose us and you can still enjoy an organized large space!


-Size: 22ⅹ22cm (8.7''ⅹ8.7'')

-Color: Beige, Blue, Pink

-Weight: 250g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

I like these... They hold the stuff I want them to hold! I wish they had more color options though. Also the adhesive doesn't work well... So I just used command strips on the back and it holds great

Great product

So I waited a few months to review and not do I love this item!! I have them at home and in my classroom. They hold all the pens that used to be rolling around in my junk drawer!!! Hold a lot sticks great. Perfect for so many uses!!!

Works great and good customer service

One of the holders doesn’t stick and keeps falling.Update: Company sent replacement. Works great and good customer service!

I had a narrow version before and I like this one better

What can you say... The magnet is plenty strong enough to hold it onto the refrigerator, even loaded with index cards and pens. I had a narrow version before and I like this one better... holds more stuff!