Square laundry Basket Thick Cotton Linen Fabric hamper Foldable Organization Tote


Size: 35 X 34 X 50
The large bag can hold lot of clothes or other stuffs.
The thick and natural material ensure safety when you use it. The firm cotton rope handles enable easy transportation.
Square shape is very easy to fit into room corners, make full use of you home space.
Simple designs showing how can the bag being used.
The basket can be folded into flat shape. It can be a shoulder bag taken for shopping.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
J. Johnson
but stands sturdy and tall

this is seriously the coolest product ever. folds flat, but stands sturdy and tall.

Kindle Customer
Great for camping or the beach

I really like my CleverMade tote. It fits nicely inside my bedroom in our camper when space is a premium. I use it for a hamper. So when the camping trip is done, I grab it and carry it to the house. I have used it during camping trips to take my dirty clothes to the laundry mat. Everything fits nicely back inside after folding. The sides have plastic joints in them so the bag can be collasped after use. When expanded the tote will sit upright.

Merritt Pfister
Exactly As Expected!

I have a narrow, dimly lit stairway to the basement laundry room. Carrying a bulky laundry basket and trying to open the door while keeping cats out is tricky. I wanted something that would hold at least one full load of laundry, have sturdy handles and would stand up when not full but collapse for space when needed. Jackpot. It holds one max load of laundry and easily fits two full sized cats when on its side. Will be buying more soon.

Tiff Winton
Awesome - best laundry basket ever!

Super cool and sturdy - almost want to use it as a carrying tote. I will order more of these. Perfect for someone who travels, or needs to carry laundry around. Love how it folds up and tucks away in a closet flat. You won't be sorry ordering this basket.