Qty available: 1999 SKU: CLB096-lg

Delivery Date: Within 7~15 days!

Flexible Shape and Large Capacity:
Opening size 35 x 30 x 50 cm, square shape, very suitable size to fit into your home corners meanwhile it has big space to stock a lot of clothes. It can be folded to small piece if you don't use it.

Thickened Breathable Oxford Fabric:
You will find the Oxford cloth is very thick and also with a waterproof cover in the middle, it can stand stably by itself when full filled; The fabric is Eco-friendly, so you can put baby clothes or underwear inside without hesitation.

Firm Aluminum Handles:
We apply strong aluminum handles on the laundry basket so that it can bear heavy duty work. It has soft foam cover on the handle surface to be comfortable. You can hang it up to safe your laundry room space.

Clean Background and Simple Printing:
We simplify all the details to make the it popular for all people, as well as easy to fit different home style. You have 2 choices, white letter printing or black letter printing.