Travel Laundry Bag Lightweight Waterproof Breathable Material with Drawstring Closure


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Multi-functional & Convenient
Our design is not just for dirty clothes, toys, pillows and other tools can also use our commercial laundry bags for storage. Just pull out the bag instead of carrying the whole hamper, increased convenience for you.
Lovely Design
8 different patterns are processed to be fade resistant, which can show your personality perfectly and always stay good looking even after long time use.
Drawstring Closure
Ergonomic drawstring closure added more functions on our design. That can be used in any weather condition and you don't need to worry about dust and moist.
Breathable & Easy Clean
All of our materials are hand selected and eco-friendly. Waterproof coating ensures easy clean with a damp cloth. Breathable fabric can help our design stay light, clean and fresh.



Laundry bag series is aimed to provide large capacity and convenient transportation. All the fabric applied on laundry storage bag are light-weighted but tear-resistant, ensure longer term & heavy duty use, and they can be folded & hand washed easily. You can carry hanging laundry bag for outdoor use without hesitation as we design them more like a normal backpack for various functions. Most dirty clothes bags are equipped with adjustable shoulder strap for easy-carry while with breathable drawstring closure to hold inside laundry clothes tightly as well as prevent dust to get in. Many different styles combining below details for your selection, there’s always one for you...

1/Different Sizes: Large, Medium, Small, Set of 2, Set of 3...
2/Different Colors: White, Grey, Black, Pink, Blue, Beige,Yellow...
3/Different Fabric: Thin, Thick, Light-weighted, Waterproof, Breathable...
4/Different Straps: Single, Double, Polyester, Nylon, Cotton, Adjustable ...
5/Additional Detail: Front Pocket, Side Pocket, Drawstring Closure, Unique Artworks...


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