Laundry Bag with Strap Thicken Fabric Drawstring travel dirty clothes bag (Boy&Girl)


Large & Multi-functional
College hamper total size 2.8‘’x36.25’â€?(63x92cm), can be folded to thin size 7‘’x9.8’â€?(18x25x1cm). Dorm laundry bag is not only for laundry clothes but also for keep cushion, blanket, shoes as well as fit into oversized hamper for convenient transport.
2 Different Design Choice
2 special pattern on college laundry hamper help you to sort different stuff. It’s also for couple or for different gender use. Pack of 2 different designs is available.
Flexible Strap & Drawstring Cover
Laundry backpack is equipped with an adjustable bels for carry, easy to take for outdoor use. Drawstring closure hold inside clothes tightly and keep dust out, you can use it safely.
Hand-wash & Ironable
Dirty clothes bag is made of easy-to-clean fabric, you just wipe it with wet cloth or hand wash. NOT MACHINE WASHABLE! It can only be ironed by low temperature.
Thicken Fabric & Tear-resistance
High-density and anti-tear cloth is applied for longer use while it can hold more work load. We upgrade the fabric to decrease risk of tearing.


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Customer Reviews

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It's a HUGE bag. Way bigger than what I expected. In the picture I uploaded you will see that I put a regular size ruler next to it and the bag is enormous compared to the ruler. I ordered the larger one since it wasn't that much more than the smaller one! It came with just one flaw, the stitching on the top was a bit messed up but other than that it gets the job done nicely! It easily fits TWO huge laundry loads. Would definitely recommend.

Russell Webb
Strong, roomy bag

Strong, roomy bag. If I had to give one small critique it would be that it is durable and large enough that it is easy to overload the bag with too many contents. The bag is capable of holding so much that it can be too heavy to easily carry. The sewn seams of the bag are holding up well under strong loads after around 3-4 months of usage.

Work on many corporate shows, and use this bag ...

Work on many corporate shows, and use this bag to bring my laundry when the production company offers laundry service.

These bags are very sturdy and washable too

These bags are very sturdy and washable too! I just toss it in with lke colors and that's that! ??