Mesh Crib Bumper | Crib Bumper Pads | Breathable Crib Bumper Caroeas Babycare Pink


Why Parents Choose Us:

  1. Mesh material would keep air fresh in crib
  2. Padded bumper is soft and comfortable to protect your baby
  3. Easy to adjust to any different crib and easy to put on
  4. Make parents feel confident that their baby would be safe at night
  5. Easy to wash and easy to storage

Life is a flame that is always burning itself out, but it catches fire again every time a child is born. The crib bumpers from Caroeas Babycare features padded mesh material and hand-made craft. That shows our love for all baby. We know how much parents care about their kids, that’s why we choose breathable material in production, which will avoid many problems you might meet in traditional bumpers. All edges are well-covered to show our quality in details. Detachable straps are attached, you can tie our xx up to keep it stay up all the time. Now you can feel relaxed to sleep at night, the pink crib bumper will protect your baby from sticking their arms or legs through the crib slats. You will know your baby is always safe under the protection of you and our mesh crib bumper.

Product SizeLong: 11.6’’ x 134’’ Short: 11.6’’ x 63’’


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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
this works great so she doesn't make up in the middle of ...

My baby kept getting her limbs caught in the crib slates, this works great so she doesn't make up in the middle of the night!!


I have no complaints it fits snug not loose at all!!! Love the mesh it is designed for safety first!! Highly recommended!!

Great bumper

It was a little difficult to install but the picture illustration instructions helped. Initially, I wasn't going to get a bumper because of all the SIDs, but I woke up hearing her cry. Her arm was sticking out of the crib. Once install, I haven't had any problems and she hasn't had any limbs stuck. I'm pretty happy with the product and I sleep better at night knowing that she's safe and even if her face was close to the bumper, she'll be able to breathe.

A must have.

This is perfect for any style crib, including ours that has a thick front panel. Very durable and will use it for all my babies! Nice piece of mind using this VS. the cotton style bumper.