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Natural Material and Color:
We use Eco-friendly material without any harmful gas to make the basket, your kids can use the bag safely. The natural cream white color is very clean and easy to match with your children room.
Portable Size and Large Capacity:
The size is 40 x 20 x 50 cm, very portable size, use your space economically as it can hold a lot of kids stuff. You can also fold it to a flat piece.
Drawstring Closure Keeps Dirt Away:
Cover added on the open mouth of the basket, you can close it when you fill it with your stuff, the string can also be used as handles for carrying. The soft material won't hurt your hands.
Fine Sewing and Fashion Shape:
The oval shape is very good looking, with the great sewing work by hand, as well as hidden handles on both sides, the basket be a perfect one, you can give it to your friends as a gift.